Gutter and Downspout Sales and Installation

Classic Gutter Co. is the leader in seamless gutters! We specialize in seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts.

We offer a variety of seamless gutters options and colors!

At Classic Gutter Co. we know seamless rain gutters do more than move rainwater away from your house. Proper seamless rain gutter installation protects your home’s foundation by moving the water away from it. The benefits of these new seamless gutters are to keep soil around your house from washing away, saving plants and shrubs. They will also increase the structural stability of your home’s foundation, preventing leaks in the basement and crawlspace.

Maintenance-free, self-cleaning gutters are also available for new installations or as an upgrade to your current gutters.

Beautiful gutters make your house look classy and well-cared for. Our seamless aluminum gutters are rust free. Sporting a new gutter color will complement your brick or siding and will show that you take pride in being a great homeowner.

No job is too small!  If you have a stand-alone garage that needs new gutters, we can help.  Our garage gutters complement the gutters found on the rest of your house, and they help to protect your garage’s roof, door, walls, and foundation from water damage.

Classic Gutter Co. has been your local Chicagoland aluminum specialist since 1979. In our 37+ years of being a contractor, we have always offered free estimates and a 10 year labor warranty guarantee, and we have never asked for a down payment. Our priority has always been to satisfy our customers. We’ve developed the know-how to help you choose just the right color, size and style of aluminum gutters, soffit, fascia, and trim for your home. We have more than 20 colors that you can choose from, and our seamless aluminum gutters are custom made right at your home.

If you have lots of trees, we can provide oversized downspouts.

If you need improved ventilation under your eaves, we can help you decide between vented or solid soffit panels.

If you have a larger home or a wood shake or tile roof, you might need a 6″ gutter rather than a 5″ gutter.

Today’s aluminum gutters, soffit, fascia, and trim provide a stylish, weather-resistant finish to your home. Best of all, aluminum gutters are virtually maintenance-free.

The material is stain-resistant, so it washes off with a bit of soap and a rinse of water from the hose. It’s lightweight, so it won’t put stress on your house. The finish is baked on, so peeling and cracking is a thing of the past.

Sit out on your patio and enjoy your home. Or snuggle inside and enjoy that patter of a spring rain that will just help your tulips grow – not drown your juniper bush.

Gutter Protection

No more gutter cleaning! Self-cleaning gutters are actually designed to stop leaves and debris from getting into your gutters, which prevents buildup that leads to costly repairs.  Having clog free gutters will also reduce the amount of snow and ice buildup in your gutters, which reduces dangerous icicles in winter.

These rain gutter covers are self-cleaned by the natural force of rain water. The water simply rinses leaf debris (even needles) off the screen and over the edge to the ground, while capturing the water in the gutter, no matter how high or low the water flow. That means that you’ll have leaf protection without having to go up and down the ladder to clean out your clogged gutters anymore.

The gutter leaf guard system is installed by sliding it under the shingles and fastening it to the front of the gutter. This installation design takes expansion and contraction of the gutter into account, and it doesn’t damage the roof or shingles.

Leaf gutter covers work on any roof pitch and any roof style, including composite, slate, wood shake, tile, or metal, and can be installed over your existing guttters. They are made in the USA from a strong, no rust Aluminum alloy that’s finished with a UV powder coat, and they are available in 6 different colors to match your gutters and your roof.

The affordale price of these gutter guards makes them the smart choice. To discuss gutter guard installation for your home, and to receive a free estimate, please give us a call at 708.450.9666.

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