Rain gutters are a very important system to your home.  They carry rain off of your roof and direct it away from your house, foundation, and landscaping.  Gutters that leak can be a real hassle.  Leaking gutters can cause discoloration to your house because the water is running down the side of your house.  They can also be the source of water leaks inside of your house too.  Landscaping can also be harmed by leaking gutters and debris can be splashed back onto the side of your house.  All of these situations are less than ideal.

Gutter Leaks

What causes your gutters to leak?  Leaking gutters are only noticed during a heavy rain.  In order to pinpoint where the leak is originating from, you must pay attention during the rain storm to see exactly where the water is escaping your gutter system.  Once you find that, you will have a starting point to work from.  Pay attention:

  • Is the water overflowing over the top of your gutters?
  • Is it dripping behind the gutters on the fascia?
  • Or is it dripping on the bottom of the gutter?

Once the rain stops and everything is nice and dry, get your ladder out and start observing your entire gutter and downspouts.  Check to make sure everything looks nice and straight and secure.  If you have any gutters that are hanging freely or are damaged, then they will need further investigation by a professional.  That may require new hangers to be installed to securely fasten the gutter properly.  Be cautious because the gutters need to be pitched correctly.  Next, if the water was overflowing the tops of your gutters, then most likely you have a blockage in your system somewhere.  Check all of the gutter runs and downspouts and clear out any debris by hand, then run the hose down the system.  Check again to see if the water is flowing properly.  If the water is still damming up and overflowing the tops of your gutters, then the gutter is not pitched correctly.  Call a professional to have it re-pitched.  Keep flowing the water with your garden hose to continue to check for leaks.  If it is leaking behind the gutter on the fascia board, then there is probably a hole in the system or the gutter sealant is not sealing anymore.  It may be necessary to reseal any miters or seams in the system.  This is why seamless systems are preferred because they virtually eliminate leaks.  If the gutters are leaking on the bottom of the gutter, then you either have a leak in the gutter sealer or the gutter itself is punctured and damaged.  Some leaks can be fixed by adding more gutter sealant, but that is usually only a temporary fix.  It may be necessary to replace your gutters.

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