Whether you hire a professional or perform work yourself, it is extremely important to work safely and know the dangers when working on your house. Almost all accidents that occur on job sites are preventable. Taking time to dress appropriately, prepare materials, setup equipment, use tools and materials correctly, and clean up are all crucial.  If you are a homeowner who choose to hire a professional to perform work on your house, these tips will help make sure you know what to look for in terms of safety to ensure no accidents occur at your job site.

Proper Work Attire

Many accidents can be prevented by wearing the proper work attire.  It is always recommended to wear long pants, long sleeves, work boots, safety glasses, and even a hard hat when working overhead.  Be sure you are comfortable in your attire. If you are not comfortable when working, you may use different body movements that you are not used to and cause an accident. When working on possible lead or asbestos exposure jobs, be sure you follow all safety requirements that require you to wear Tyvek suits, booties, and hats.

Material Preparation

No matter what trade, there are materials to be used to perform work.  Setting up materials on the job site should be out of the way of the work area and should always be organized.  Choose a dedicated area that is out of the way of foot traffic, gives you plenty of room to setup material, and is easy to clean up.  This will also help prevent accidents that may damage your materials from inadvertent actions that may occur from others.

Setup Equipment and Tools Safely

Setting up equipment incorrectly and using tools carelessly are where most accidents happen.  Take the extra time to put up your ladder safely, making sure the legs correctly set.  Read and follow all safety warnings on your equipment and tools; they are there for a reason! If you are using power tools, always use caution for yourself and surroundings.  Make sure you are using power cords that are in correct working condition without any exposed wires. Be courteous of the job site and be sure not to damage the property.  This is achieved by simply taking your time to perform any work. When working, make sure there are not any bystanders that may be injured by being to close to your work area.  It may be necessary to post signs, place cones, and verbally alert anyone that may be near the job site.

Job Site Cleanup

Do not forget that even though the job may be complete, you still need to clean up safely.  This includes taking down ladders, scaffolds, equipment, and tools.  Take your time to inspect the job site for dropped materials, tools, and debris.  It is obvious when someone takes the extra time to clean up the job site thoroughly.  Not only is it safer, but makes the job look that much better. You should always leave the job site cleaner than when you started.

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