5″ Seamless Gutters

This is the most common size gutter used on residential homes. Of course seamless 5″ gutters are ideal for both appearance and performance.  There are several different styles of 5″ gutters, but the 5″ K style looks the best, is easy to install, and is durable.  They are secured to the house using hidden brackets that fastens to the fascia for added strength. There are 2 common sizes for gutter material thickness, standard .027″ gauge and heavy duty .032″ gauge.  Be sure to select a contractor that only uses heavy .032″ gauge aluminum because they are stronger and will hold up much longer. Standard 2″X3″ downspouts can be used with the 5″ gutters.  Oversized 3″X4″ downspouts can also be used with 5″ gutters for certain applications to flow more water.  Be sure to ask your contractor what they recommend for your house!

6″ Seamless Gutters

6″ seamless gutters are becoming ever so popular today because homeowners are realizing the importance of properly working rain carrier systems. 6″ gutters are commonly found on commercial applications and are ideal for homes with large surface area roofs.  The 6″ seamless gutters are the same style as the 5″, K Style, but flow much more water.  They are larger in appearance, but not truly noticeable to the average person viewing from the street.  The performance however is very noticeable! The oversized 3″X4″ downspouts must be used with the 6″ gutters.

Do you need 5″ Gutters or 6″ Gutters?

Most homes can be satisfied with 5″ gutters.  Houses with larger roofs may require 6″ gutters because they flow more water.  5″ gutters and 6″ gutters can both be used together for different areas.  Certain roof sections with different slopes, peaks, and valleys may require the 6″ gutters, and the rest of the house can utilize only 5″ gutters.  Using both 5″ gutters and 6″ gutters together does take design planning to make sure everything visually flows well and works well together. Using 6″ gutters with oversized 3″X4″ downspouts will flow twice as much water as a 5″ gutter system! Your gutter contractor can help you design the perfect rain carrying system.

Do you need standard downspouts or oversized downspouts?

Standard 2″X3″ downspouts are the most common, however oversized 3″X4″ downspouts are becoming the new standard. The difference, other than the larger appearance, is that oversized 3″X4″ downspouts flow more water.  If you experience water overflowing with your current gutter and downspout system, then you need to reevaluate and possibly upgrade to a larger system.

What you should look for when getting estimates on gutters and downspouts.

If you are in the market for a new rain carrier system, then there are a few things you should look for when receiving estimates.  Make sure they are specifying seamless aluminum gutters with heavy duty .032″ gauge aluminum.  Look for heavy duty hidden gutter brackets that are spaced closer together.  The more brackets used, the stronger the gutter system will be secured to your home. Does the contractor offer you the full list of colors? Make sure you discuss which colors will look best on your home.  How are they strapping the downspouts? It is important to know that the downspouts will be securely fastened with hidden mount straps for both appearance and durability.

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